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Day Baskets are made from the highest grade, clear, white oak available from a local lumber company. After hand-selecting only the clearest lumber, from which the strips are cut, the lumber is sawed and steamed for softening in the steam box. From there it is clamped to a bench where the strips are cut off and split with a draw knife, thus producing "stanups" and "fillers".


The stanups serve as the bottom and framework for weaving the baskets. The "hoops" which are sawed, as opposed to split, are used to strengthen the mouth of the basket. After the sides are woven, the weaver wraps an outside hoop around the inside hoop and nails through both hoops with brass nails. These nails automatically crimp themselves when they strike the steel band on the form.


Next, yokes if needed, are laced under the fillers from the bottom of the basket for reinforcement. Some baskets are also fitted with handles of different types.


The production of a basket is a three to four day process. On the first day the bottom of the basket is made and dried overnight.


The second day the basket is woven and the hoops attached. After again drying overnight the basket its trimmed, sanded and finished.


On large baskets an extra day is needed because the fill material shrinks after weaving and is packed down and new fill added before attaching the hoops.


The basket is now ready for selling in our store, at the front of the factory, or for shipping to our customers all over the country.


The completed Day Baskets have hundreds of uses and come in a variety of sizes and styles. We have market baskets in four different sizes, round farm baskets with bentwood handles or rope handles, picnic baskets with lids, laundry baskets, fish or firewood baskets, berry baskets, picking baskets with drop handles, eel pots, and many other too numerous to mention.


When you purchase a Day Basket, you will know that you have bought the finest quality, American made product, produced today, in the same old fashion way it was 128 years ago.

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