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Historic & Heritage Sales

Because of the fact that we have been making baskets for over 139 years we have a keen sense of history and tradition. Since we were founded we

have always strived to make the finest white oak baskets. Because we have never changed the way we make our baskets they are the same “factory

style” basket produced for over 150 years.  We are commited to supply the basket needs of the historic and heritage community. Please see the Day

Basket Difference for partial list of our customers in the historic and heritage field.

We supply our customers with baskets for their operations and demonstrations as well as in some cases for sale in site gift shops. We have over 60

standard baskets and molds for various styles of baskets not currently in production. If our production methods allow we can also produce baskets

we do not presently have molds or fixtures for.

  Special order modifications available on our standard baskets available for historic and heritage site sales:

 1- Basket branding deleted

 2- Use of iron and steel nails instead of copper and brass

 3- Many baskets available with alternative handles

 4- Iron reinforcing strapping on bushel basket series

 5- Flat cotton picking style bottoms on bushel series baskets instead of standard agricultual style dome bottoms

 Please email, phone or write us for complete information on basket sales to the historic and heritage community.